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10/01/08 03:38 PM #1    


Jennie Jacobson (Holton)

Welcome to the Sheridan High School Class Of 1991 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

11/19/08 10:31 PM #2    

Shannon Clayton (Johnson)

Hi Jennie,

I just wanted to say thank you for your work on this. You've done a nice job.

12/10/08 11:04 PM #3    

Joy Durham (-Schaefer)

What an amazing job, getting all this together...I'm so impressed!


12/11/08 12:50 AM #4    

Dena Wright (Kittelson)

Wow, Jennie. Thanks so much. I have been thinking of some of our classmates lately and wondering how to find them. It is 2 in the morning and I should be sleeping, but I have had such a great time browsing the site. Thanks.

12/27/08 12:27 PM #5    

Christa Davidson (Grywusiewicz)

I've been avioding all the My Spaces and Facebooks pretty religiously, but Tonya sent me a link to this and now I'm really excited to see what everyone is up to! I'll be sure to check in often and pass the word to the "missing". Thanks for the hard work in setting up the site--very well done!

01/09/09 06:06 PM #6    

Tina Sweeney (Clarke)

This is great. I am impressed... I don't even have a graduation picture of my own. I lost them years ago. I am curious to see how everyone has changed. Great job on the site Jennie.

01/16/09 09:07 AM #7    

Carol Corley (Crooks)


01/20/09 07:53 PM #8    

Christine Hightower (Ratcliff)

It has been a lot of fun reading what everyone has been up to the last 18 years. I am very thankful for all of your hard work on the this web page Jenny. Thank you so much!! Chris

02/18/09 11:01 AM #9    


Vennita Wood (Wilson)

Thank you for doing all of this. Wow, the memories are flooding in now. What a bunch of idiots we all were! Lol, just kidding (maybe). I am anxious to read more about everyone. I think I will come to the reunion.

11/26/09 07:33 PM #10    

Holley Burke (Washington)

WOW! thank you for doing this....ALOT of memories.....The "In Memory" Page was a little shocking and sad, but I'm enjoying looking around! thanks!

03/02/10 12:49 AM #11    

Brian Deurloo

this is an awesome website Jenny. You have done a great job.

05/25/11 01:07 PM #12    

Julie Ilsley (Bigler)

If anyone has photos they would like to apprear in the slide show for the 20th reunion, please email them to me at


Looking forward to seeing everyone in July!

06/06/11 08:42 AM #13    


Georgia Fletcher (Boley)

 Hi Everyone- 

Jennie you have done such an awesome job!! I am  bummed I can't make it- my family will be taking our son to a bball camp up your way Jennie/ in Big Sky.  I will be missing out :(

Hope all my classmates have a fantastic summer!!!!

Georgia Boley (AKA Gina Fletcher- no I didn't change my first name; Georgia was always my first name but everyone called me by my middle name back in the day!!)


07/18/11 12:28 PM #14    

Carrie Phillips (Gerhart)

I would like to say thank you to everyone helping in the reunion. You guys made it a very enjoyable and memorable experience. I hope everyone tried to meet new people and still enjoy old memories. I know I enjoyed meeting everyone that I never really knew and I am sorry if I missed someone. Please email me, facebook, or send messages.  I look forward to the next reunion and seeing everyone and hopefully also some seeing and meeting people that could not make it.  

Good luck to everyone in their life and please know that no matter what you do in life or go through that you are a special part of all of us and we are the class of 1991!!!!!!

07/19/11 01:44 PM #15    

Paul Westika

Jenni thanks so much letting me be part of this amazing experience! '91 is by far better than ours going to be! So I'm glad I got to see most everyone!! Thx again and I'm sure I can find more pics! Take care

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