Class Reunion Survey

This survey will help in the decision process of events that will be at our 20 year class reunion.  There will be some additional surveys that will follow these surveys, once results determine timing, etc.   Additionally, after events and their details are decided, we will then get sign-ups for volunteers to head up or be on the comittees for each event.

Some of these questions are based on assuming the reunion will be during rodeo.  The first question deals with this issue.

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1)   When do we want the class reunion?

  During Sheridan rodeo week (probably July 16th weekend, but could be the 9th one)
  A random week in the summer other than during rodeo
  Around Thanksgiving (November 2011)
2)   The first reunion event is usually a "social", when would you prefer to have this initial event? SEE SURVEY #2 FOR ADD'L QUESTIONS REGARDING THIS EVENT!

  Thursday night social (adults only)
  Thursday night social (adults only) and optional stag style (relieve us from worrying about our significant others)
  Friday night social (adults only)
  Friday night social (adults only) optional stag style (relieve us from worrying about our significant others)
  Friday afternoon family after rodeo parade picnic
  Friday night family social at a house
  Friday night family social at a park
3)   Saturday afternoon usually involves an event, what would you prefer?

  An afternoon family picnic
  Family bowling (if possible in the summer)
  Family rolling skating at Scotty's Skate Castle
4)   Saturday night usually is the traditional adult only function of dinner, music, etc. Where would you like to see this event at? VOTES WERE HIGH FOR HISTORICAL SHERIDAN INN. THIS VENUE HAS CURRENTLY BEEN RESERVED FOR OUR EVENT!

  The Holiday Inn
  The Country Club
  Best Western
  Historical Sheridan Inn
  The Powder Horn in Big Horn, WY
  Venue in Story, WY (Lodore, Wagon Box or Tunnel Inn)
  The Elks
  The Eagles
  Kalif Shrine Temple
  Bozeman Trail Inn
5)   In regards to the Saturday night event, would you like there to be music?

  Just background music, no DJ or band, I don't think people will want to dance.
  Let's get a DJ!
  Let's find a band!
  No music in the background, no DJ, no band
  Some simple music in background, but instead have a performer (magician, hypmotist, etc.)
6)   There are sometimes events on Sundays,what is your opinion on such an event?

  We'll be over it, no Sunday event
  Let's do a simple donuts and farewell get together in the morning at a park
  Morning golf
  A noon family picnic