Reunion Survey #2

Based on preliminary answers for survey #1, here are some additional follow-up questions.  These questions are based on the assumption that the reunion will be during the rodeo since that is the majority vote at this time.

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1)   Survey #1 results are showing it is somewhat close between wanting an adult social and family social for the first event. Assuming we don't want 2 family events, please vote on your overall preference.

  Let's have a separate social with only the adults (3 events, adult social, family event & adult dinner)
  Let's skip an adult social & combine it into a family social (2 events: family social & adult dinner)
2)   If we end up having an adult social, where would you like this to be?

  A park ( Kendrick, Story Fish Hatchery, Whitney Park)
  Have everyone meet at the Pony outside and make it an informal affair
  Reserve a space in or in the back of an establishment (e.g. Bozeman Trail Inn, Oles, Holiday Inn courtyard area, Country Club, etc.)
  A bonfire outside of town somewhere.
  Someone's house if there is such a person willing to host.
3)   If we end up skipping the adult social and having only a family social, when would you want this?

  Friday mid-day (after rodeo parade)
  Friday evening
  Thursday evening
  Saturday 10/11am (would have to get it done early if the adult dinner is that night)
4)   Please give any input or ideas you might have that haven't been listed on these surveys.